Wednesday, April 28, 2010

I Think It's In The Water.....

Chicago’s mayor Richard Daley governs a city full of violence. Illinois lawmakers are looking to the National Guard to possibly deploy troops to help quell violence on Chicago's streets. You have to admit it’s getting pretty bad when legislators start thinking about calling in the Guard.

From Chicago’s WLS:
“Since the Mayor’s getting very little done in Springfield or Washington or in the courts to expand gun control, now he wants mayors in other countries like Mexico to drag American gun makers into the World Court in The Hague.
Daley says, “We are shipping guns there by the truckload to people to kill each other. They’re not manufactured there. And we want the drugs that come from other countries that is a conduit, like a highway through Mexico, into the United States! And we sit like we have no responsibility. We should not ship any guns to Mexico.”

I think it must be something in Chicago’s water. Chicago has some of the most restrictive gun laws on the books. They also have an abundance of violence. Oh, my, the criminal element has no respect for the onerous gun laws of Chicago. Who would have thought.
Now this “legislator” wants to sue in the World Court? He won’t even get as far as Guliani and Bloomberg did with their “sue the manufacturers” try. Might better expend some of that energy cleaning up Chicago. He could start by getting rid of those useless gun restrictions. And as far as I know the only entity in the US that shipped guns in any quantity to Mexico was the Federal Government.

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