Wednesday, April 21, 2010

An Answer to my Prayers!

Finally - an answer to my prayers - VAT - the Value Added Tax!

Most everybody has read about the proposed VAT - it's not the first time it's been proposed, but it's the first time it has a chance of passing. (Actually, being rammed down the consumer's throat). So, how does it answer my prayers? Simple - I pray for higher prices in the marketplace. I pray for another downturn in an already ailing economy. I pray for Washington to gather more taxes so they can bail out some more failing industries. What do you bet my prayers will be answered? Will we add VAT to the list of other "benefits" so recently (or about to be)bestowed on us - health care, START, International Arms Control, National ID card, to name just a few. Oh the plethora of benefits that flow from Washington ........

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